Destroyed Rod and Bearing  - August 2013
GM released great new towing mirrors for your 2015+ GM truck, but they forgot one key feature! You can fix that with these tow mirror LED controllers.
Destroyed Rod and Bearing - August 2013
Tow Mirror LED Controller (pair)
Click on the Buy Now button to purchase a pair of these tow mirror clearance LED controllers, which turn clearance lamps on your 2015+ GM HD Tow mirrors into clearance and turn lamps!

Add Turn signals to your 2015+ General Motors HD Tow mirrors!

General Motors has released their 2015 Heavy Duty tow mirrors in late 2014, for their 2015 model year. With their sharp styling, chrome features, power fold and ample mirror size, they're a great option for those of us who tow large trailers or want an aggressive look to go along with the rest of the truck. But, they left one thing out... so I fixed that on my truck.

Turn Signals and Clearance Lamps

The front of the mirror has a great chrome finish with an integrated LED clearance lamp. Unfortunately, this LED array only lights up when the parking lamps are on. It's looks are great, but it's function is, unfortunately, pretty plain. To fix that, I created a microcontroller that changes the functionality of this clearance lamp. Instead of simply lighting up with the parking lamps, It also lights up when my turn signals are on. But, when night comes and the LED array is normally on, the magic happens. The microcontroller changes the brightness of the clearance lamps when it's receiving a turn signal input using pulse-width modulation. This allows for full brightness output when my signals are flashing at night, but also allows my LED array to remain light with less intensity between flashes. When turn signal input stops, the clearance lamps gradually ramp back up to full brightness, returning to normal full brightness operation.
This way, the LED clearance lamp on the front of the mirror act much like many other integrated turn signal / running light combinations that have been on other trucks for decades!

See them in Action


  • Works with DQS RPO code tow mirrors. These are the 2015 and above HD Power Fold mirrors from GM.
  • Also works with 2015+ HD Non power folding mirrors from GM.
  • Pulse Width Modulation is used to dim LEDs on the mirrors.
  • With parking lamps off, the LEDs act as a normal turn signal.
  • With parking lamps on, when turn signal input is detected, the LEDs on the mirror will dim so that the turn signal stays in synch with your other turn signal lamps.
  • Completely Plug and Play. Plugs in-line to the mirror's harness located inside the door panel of my truck.
  • Does not alter any other tow mirror functionality. The rear facing turn signal in the mirror still works as normal.
  • Solid State; No Moving parts
  • Small!
  • Works on any 2015+ HD tow mirror that has functioning turn signals and a functioning factory clearance lamp.

Technical Stuff

  • Powered by an Atmel ATTINY85 microprocessor running at 1MHz.
  • P-MOSFET based switching capabilities.
  • Supports up to 2.5A of continuous current. Each mirror's LED array uses just 125mA of current, so there is more than adequate overhead to power the clearance lamps on the tow mirrors.
  • Uses connectors sourced from the company that provides GM with their connectors.
  • Uses TXL automotive wire. This is high quality automotive wire.


Installation is straightforward. Remove your interior door panel on both driver and passenger side, unplug your existing tow mirror from the driver door harness and plug this plug and play adapter harness to the door harness then to your tow mirror. After that, reassemble your door, verify mirror functionality and enjoy your new turn signals.


I've made every attempt to make this the best LED controller it can be. I'm confident that it will work for you as a plug and play item. If you're not happy with how it functions, please send it back to me within 30 days of purchasing it and I'll refund the price you paid for it (not including shipping costs.) If it's broken and you didn't modify it, please return it within 60 days of purchasing and I'll either replace or refund the price you paid for it depending on in-stock supply available at the time.
This is a very small market and a niche item. These are available in extremely limited quantities - I plan to make under 50 total. Each one is individually assembled, programmed and tested by hand right here in the US. Please be aware that there may be large lead times if they aren't in stock. It's also possible that production will cease at any given time and the product will never be available again. I originally created this as a project for my own truck, and am making them available to others because of the overwhelming response I've had about them.
Also, be aware that by purchasing, you agree that you're using these at your own risk; You agree to take full responsiblity and will be liable for anything associated with using these LED controllers. Check your local/state laws that determine the legality of such devices.